it was basically a food cart vacation

Our trip to Utah got off to a slow start when we missed our flight! It was totally my fault so I didn't get upset, I just waited a tense hour hoping that I'd be able to get on a standby flight. We got to the gate 15 minutes after they shut the doors, just in time to watch our plane fly away!

I did get the very last seat on a flight to Oakland, which then connected us to Utah. It was a long afternoon, but we made it! Sam was a trooper. On the way to Utah we flew through the worst turbulence I've ever flown through. yikes.  
But! Once we made it it was a week and a half full of fun. Lots of a great food, parks, pools, sun, and of course, friends and family! 
I won't say how many times we frequented art city donuts, but let's just say we tried all the flavors we wanted to. This is my new nephew holding some of the goods when we went to provo's food truck round up, which was a lot of fun. I wish they had had that when we lived there, but then again, I do live in like the food cart capital of the world or something and I'm used to it. But we tried some burritos, burgers, grilled cheese, waffles, green smoothies and pizza. It was all delicious. We all know how I like to plan vacations around food.


kylie said...

i'm SO GLAD you got to go to the food truck roundup. the food trucks have all popped up in the past two years or so and now they have every kind of truck (or so it seems). though, sadly, i have yet to try the art city donuts. what kind did you like best?

K Puls said...

i think i'm going to have to track down art city donuts while i'm here. i'm bummed we managed to miss each other again! sounds like you had a fun and delicious trip!

Emily said...

I am all about food vacations. Mostly mine revolve around making/making things (or making my mom) that I never have time or enough hands to make at home. And those doughnuts sound divine!!