june was like this

A lot more mediocre meals than we'd like

Forgetting I was making yogurt and burning a crockpot full of milk

Driving along and noticing a small spider floating down my window; calmly grabbing the web string and throwing it out the window. whaaaaat? I'm an adult.

Reading two books within the 3 week check out period because I couldn't renew them. Record of my adult life.

Staying under the grocery budget by $2. Record of our married life, I swear. And it's not like it's make or break, but this time it was about just doing it for the sake of knowing it's possible. The key to our success, after trying many things: one store, one time per week.

Bought beautiful, lovely fabric and then cut into it using a pattern that was scaled wrong so...yeah. Still hoping I can salvage that one. Me + sewing = 2 hours sewing, 1 hour unpicking. oi.  I did make Sam a bucket hat (another pattern scaling issue, so he needs a bigger one already) and finished the quiet book I've been working on for months.

We started watching Goldrush on netflix and I'm a little embarrassed but it's something we can't look away from. So many terrible catch phrases. So many poor decisions. Nothing really happens.

Reading the same books over and over and over...

Face-timing with my sister who was on maternity leave. Why we haven't been face-timing for the last two years regularly is beyond me.

After my no-more-lateness resolution, I was on time to a few more things. Winning. 

Lots of splash pads, parks and story times.

So much assertion of independence and frustration.

Weird stretching. Sweet love for his stuffed animals. He likes to hold them, cuddle them and bite their faces. We can't get enough of this boy! Except at 8:00 pm.

A great birthday filled with donuts, favorite sweet potato burritos, rootbeer floats, strawberry cake and salted chocolate caramel tart. Dave and my MIL can really throw a party! Also I would eat salted chocolate caramel tart every day.

A new nephew that is so so cute, who I can't wait to see next week. (this was the best part of June!) 


K Puls said...

Way to go on the on-time-ness and the grocery budget! I could use some work on both those things. Also, I'm so happy for Aimee! So exciting!!!

Emily said...

Sounds like a successful month--under budget AND on time? And I'm with you on this ..until 8 o clock part. Sometimes I make sure we get Henry suuuuper tired so we can put him to bed at 6:45 instead of 7. :)

Lacey Parr said...

...except at 8pm! Haha! So very true. And we have the same trike! Fun!

Aimee & Colby said...

I love that I made it on the list! And that Dez is the best part of June. So cute. Can't wait for you to get here!!!

kylie said...

your month sounds like it was a month of awesome records! way to go! even though i still can't fathom how you handled the spider situation with such grace.