random parts of august

One Sunday some friends invited us over for dinner.. They have lots of toys and a bunny, who Sam loved and probably poked in the eye a bunch. 

One evening we decided to use an olive garden gift card so we didn't have to cook. Sam really chowed down on the salad. Yes, he loves lettuce/spinach (with dressing, obviously) these days. He preferred this to the pizza. !! And he often eats with his hand up like that, mostly because he stuffs his mouth so full he always needs back up. 

We went up to a big park at the rose garden a few times. Sam finally decided he likes swinging and actually requests it. He also climbed those stairs all by himself (not even holding onto the rail). Which, now that I write that down, seems like a weird thing to brag about, but I think for 1.5 year olds, it's totally a big deal. 

Sam's always had fun with the elevator (banging on the walls, stomping/marching, not to mention all the lights and buttons), but earlier this summer he got his hand stuck in the door (wait, did I not write about that? We spent a nice evening the the ER, which was basically pointless, but you know. due diligence) and we had to coax him over the threshold for months. He finally runs in now and hangs on the bar and really enjoys the ride. I imagine he'll be the only kid of ours with such frequent elevator rides. 

Earlier this month we joined some friends of ours for a concert at a really cool concert hall downtown. It was really fun! It's been a while since I've been to a big concert and I loved it. It was band we'd never heard of (broken bells) but they had a great show.


kylie said...

AHHHHH the hand up while eating! so cute and hilarious!
poor guy was in the ER? oh no! hope his hand gets better!

Kimkidoni said...

I love Broken Bells! I'm totally jealous. If you listen to The Shins at all, James Mercer is the lead singer for both bands.

Jo said...

He is so so cute and looking so grown up! Hand caught in an elevator door?? OUGH. Also love Broken Bells!

Lyss said...

I can't believe how big Sam is!! Geez, stop growing kid!

Christensens said...

Funny stories except for the hand in the elevator.