bike camping

The craziest thing I did this summer was bike 50 miles over 2 days! I joined a group of fellow downtowners from my church group, and we biked 25 miles past the end of the MAX (our subway/metro) line to a campground and then came back the next day. It was half trail, half riding through back country/town roads, so not very busy at all. It was a lot of fun. There were four ladies and six kids. Oh, and one husband joined us for the ride up. :)

We biked all our gear with us, and luckily we were sleeping in heated cabins (rough, I know), so we didn't have to carry a lot of gear. The back of my bike trailer fits quite an impressive amount, though.

I was a little nervous about biking that far, but it really wasn't too bad. And there were two 8 year olds that were biking as well, so really, I was fairly confident I could keep up. Those girls did an amazing job. They didn't bike the entire 50 miles, but at least half of it, which is impressive! There was one 5 mile stretch the first day leading to the campground that was pretty miserable. It was slightly (or more than slightly) uphill and just went on forever! I think I prefer city riding to trail riding because trails go on forever and look the same and it's often hard to gauge where you are.

Anyway, a lot of walking was involved for the last two miles into the camp BUT it was worth it in the end. The whole area was gorgeous. I wish I could have captured it all. And the next day, we had miles and miles of downhill. It was wonderful. 

Sam loved camping. he loves being outside and just loved the dirt, fire pit (he did touch a hot grate, but no lasting harm. He was more upset by the multiple table/head collisions and face plants). We have this hand-me-down flannel shirt that I thought was perfect for the occasion. He's so cool, right? His hands were stained black (and purple, see below) for at least two days.


On the way home, we stopped along the trail to pick the wild blackberries and they were sooo good. I think everyone ate about a pint, and they were a perfect mid-trail snack. I almost couldn't pick them fast enough. His little ziplock of berries, meant to last the last 2 miles into town, didn't even last before we started back up again.

I know this photo is pretty bad, but I tried. It was just miles and miles of forest and mountains and blue sky.

Sam was an amazing passenger. I think there was maybe an hour total (of about 11) of whining/crying, but he slept, ate, looked at/ripped up books, etc.

Not pictured: me changing a poopy diaper in the middle of a field on the way home. (although I do have that picture)


Lacey Parr said...

What a cool adventure!! I wanna do this!

K Puls said...

Ahh I'm so impressed! Also, love Sam's camping outfit. I would wear that, haha. And I am super jealous of your blackberry picking. YUM.

Stephanie said...

This is the type of outing we would love. Thanks for sharing it! It was excellent inspiration.

kylie said...

like katie, i'm MAJORLY impressed! biking is just something that wows me. also, sam's outfit is perfect. soooo adorable. this is a cool adventure!