favorite parenting moment (leading to a lot of sam updates)

I think that one of my favorite moments in parenting was teaching Sam how to lick an ice cream cone. Sounds silly, but I've had that thought floating around in my head for weeks. It was a perfect combination of deliciousness, unbelievable adorableness, funny-ness and rewarding...ness. I mean, you don't get to eat ice cream during most of your parenting moments, and you are also teaching them, you know, a needed skill in life (hence the rewarding).

It was just so cute, him learning to stick his little tongue out for the purpose of getting ice cream, only to have him open his mouth instead and try to bite it. It was the best.

Sam is getting so big these days...so independent but still so dependent on us. And that leads to quite a few tantrums these days; some are the actual lie-down-on-the-floor-and-bang-my-fists type, and those are exasperatingly endearing. We are just trying to get him to realize that he actually can do things on his own and he actually will NOT die if, say, one truck doesn't balance perfectly on another. Or if something falls, you can pick.it.up.again.

Next is getting him to realize that he will not starve to death waiting for a meal or a snack, but on the other hand, we hate for him to be unhappy and feel like he's starving. You know, parent problems.

He knows lots of animal sounds (an impressive roar, too), vehicle sounds (his little "too too" kills me) and says a few words and uses a few signs. He is also impressively communicative using his hands on your knees, and sometimes I think is really trying to pick me up (when I'm sitting on the floor) in order to have me go where he wants.

The other day Dave opened the fridge (gotta do that really fast these days) and Sam walks up like a boss, grabs a half-full gallon of milk and just starts fast-walking away. Like, ok, where were you taking that? It was just so funny. So much attitude, but also, so sweet.

He blows kisses, pats your back, gives you a squeeze, and likes to fold his arms for prayers. We are borrowing a little firetruck ride-on toy that he loves. He is also very good at copying you, even when you aren't teaching him anything. He will put silverware in the drawer, pretend to make copies, use the rolling pin, brush his hair, etc.

He chatters away in the cutest little voice, pointing and telling you all sorts of things. I wish we could understand what he's saying, but I'm sure that will come soon enough. He is one busy, fun, adventurous and entertaining toddler.
photo by the great al/so


kylie said...

sam is just so darling. i love this snippet into his little personality!

Emily said...

ahhhh I love this so much. parenting is hard, but remembering these awesome moments and milestones is so, so rewarding. that kid so totally worth keeping.

Crystal said...

I was randomly blog hopping (as you do!) and came across your post…just wanted to say what a cutie your boy is! And I get you on the teaching them to lick an ice-cream…my son is 3.5 and I totally remember that. Such a funny thing to have to learn : )