september eats

I've been going to the farmer's market every Saturday for the last couple months, and one week I dragged everyone with me (sometimes Sam comes with me anyway) and we tried some Pine State Biscuits. The sit-down place is on the East side, but they have a little booth there and we tried some fried chicken/bacon/cheese biscuits (mine had apple butter, Dave's had an egg) and they were great! It was a fun day at the market. We're loving the fall apples and zucchini and the end of tomato season.

Sam and I met up with some friends last week and had some Salt and Straw (their rocky road is soo good, and Sam has still-stained clothes to prove it). Ahhh, white shirts. whyyyyy do I buy anything white? 


kylie said...

ahahaha his face in the last picture is killing me with cuteness.
but also, farmers markets are so my jam lately. i wish they were every day. i bet you have fabulous ones up where you live.

Stephanie said...

Both spots on my wish to eat list for Portland, in one post. I am wishing for them more now.