the beach!

 A few Saturdays ago Dave rode with a group from our church from Portland to the coast! It was his third century ride. I know, impressive.

While he did that, Sam and I went to a primary/nursery activity and then drove out to Ecola state park, which is beautiful. We only had an hour or so to hang out (which included a lot of waiting to get in) but we'll have to go back next year.

Sam loved the beach. He thought the waves coming in and out were so fun, he loved digging, splashing, etc. I had to drag his shivering self out of there.
We (I mean, I think he did one scribble) made a little kite and got adventurous on the playground.

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kylie said...

that top picture with the foresty beach is breathtaking! looks like it was a fun day for you guys!