you could look happier for being carried up a mountain.

A few weeks ago my aunt drove through town and we met her at Multnomah falls for a short hike. It's all switchbacks, and luckily my aunt was awesome enough to split the hauling of Sam. We tried out a real hiking backpack and he didn't love it. (And these pictures make it clear that Sam needs new pants for the fall.) I didn't take pictures of the large waterfall or the view...but it is beautiful.

And I'm not gripping him around the back because he is going to fall in, more like he wouldn't look away from the water and I was trying to hold him still.
 This is not The Fall, but the very top of it.
Sam was enamored and was really mad he couldn't play in it. I let him dip his toes upstream, but he just wanted to get in and we had to pull the plug on that one.

Then we had lunch at the lodge and headed back to Portland via ikea with some fresh blackberries from my grandpa's yard. win.

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