fall adventures

September has had great weather. It's cooled down and started raining more, but earlier this month we were still playing at splash pads! Some of the fun things we've done include story time, oat dumping/playing, toy store exploring and good old fashioned playing in the rain. Sam loves puddle jumping.
So this was just the funniest thing. I encouraged him to go play with all the kids in the middle (he is very shy and introverted at story time) and he did, and then they all went to sit with their parents. Sam? He just stood in the middle, still as a statue, for at least 5 minutes. Seriously, still as can be. I was just laughing in the corner. This last week, he actually went and sat on the teacher's lap during a song. I was shocked! 
He loved this little stroller, and I've been thinking for months of getting him one. It seems must less tear-inducing than our big one that he likes to push around (and get it stuck).
 The other day we walked to the park and it wasn't supposed to rain for a few hours, but of course it started to rain the second we got there. I had his boots and jacket, but I just got his boots on and he was off!


Megan Hutchings said...

I'm jealous of your cooler weather. It looks amazing there. I loved the story time picture. So cute!

kylie said...

i love reading about sam's growing personality! he is adorable.

K Puls said...

Ahh I love that top photo! Haha, what an obedient child!