During our trip, I had an all-day work meeting on Friday. My parents had a day full of fun for Sam (except the hair cut--that wasn't any fun, I hear), and I met up with them at a corn maze/petting zoo/all the fall activities. Sam had fun playing in a huge container of corn, going down a giant slide, getting licked by a cow, seeing pigs and goats and holding a bunny. We also took a hay ride to the corn maze, which was a lot of fun. We only got lost in the last little part of it. I mean, it took us a while to get out, but we finally did. Like, we could have sworn we tried that way and it was wrong, but then magically there was the right way? what? mazes, right?

Sunset was gorgeous. The weather this trip was seriously amazing. Sunny, warm and full of fall colors. I was really sad to leave that behind for the rains for days in portland!

Sam even learned to say what a donkey says (hee haw) cause we kept repeating it. It's adorable.

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