oh hi

Hello! Writing posts kinda fell off my list in October, but we're back! I went to Utah last week for work trip, but I extended it by a few days so Sam and I could hang out with my family. I always find myself with a few deadlines before I take a trip, and usually they are self-imposed. This time was no different, so the last part of September and first part of October I was finishing up things (and watching parks and rec like crazy) during Sam's nap time.

Some fall projects included a toddler backpack and jeans for Sam (although now they are almost too short, ahh!) and a duffle bag. I also worked on a belle dress for my sister's halloween costume. I didn't think I would be making princess dresses already, but this was fun to try.

I also managed to squeeze in a skirt for me and a shirt for sam. And then when I came home, it was halloween costume time! And now...I may be taking a sewing break until...it's time to sew for Christmas and I have another trip deadline. :)

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