summer sewing

Most of the pictures I sent to my sister this summer were selfies in the bathroom with an unfinished shirt on (picture not included). I wrote earlier about a dress I was making with a pattern that I printed out with the wrong proportions...and I will say that things did improve from that, other than the fact that I barely eked a shirt out of the dress, which is a little sad. But it is only a tiny bit too small. And part of me wants to buy more of that fabric to make the intended dress, and the other part of me is soooo over that fabric so, whatever.

I've gone back and forth over the past couple years about making some clothes for me and I thought I came to the conclusion that I was not going to feel bad about not doing it, even though I could.

Until...patterns. I love sewing patterns (especially the newer "indie" patterns). There are so many tutorials out there and while they are great, they never work that well for me--I need someone to do the hard part and I can just trace and cut. So I tried a shirt pattern this summer and it's my favorite--I made four shirts so far from it. I have a few patterns in the line up and a few I can't wait to try, including a button up shirt.

I mean, how many button up shirts is too many?

And anyway, not that everyone needs to see all the shirts I made myself, but here they are. I love that chambray one. That is the fun part about making things--you can pick out the fabric! I think I will spend the rest of my life looking for the perfect black and white striped fabric, but other than that, the new, modern fabric out there is so great.

I also sewed some things for Sam too--I'll eventually post about those. Dave, probably wisely, changes the subject when I offer to sew him something. 


Sara said...

I'm impressed! Those all look really cute :)

K Puls said...

dude, we need some model shots of these. those fabrics are so cute!

Sienna said...

so impressive! i wish i had the time and patience to start sewing

kylie said...

AMAZING. you are seriously so talented. i agree with katie - we need some model shots stat.