costumes brought to you by target sheets.

We're a little behind, but oh well. Also, really lame iphone pictures...and not that I have had anything else for the last 3 years, but these are pretty bad. And these ones are literally the best ones from the night. So, win/win.

So for halloween, I saw a cute costume online for me (a pineapple) and we went from there. After coming up this genius idea that Dave would be a coconut and we would be pina colada (I'm pretty proud of that idea), we tried to fit Sam into it too. While we had some great ideas (some from us, some from friends), we just decided to have him do his own thing. I bought a set of yellow jersey sheets from target on clearance and thought we might as well have Sam be something yellow. 

So Sam went as Sam I am and I loved it. I thought we did a pretty good job with the costume, but I guess not that many people know who Sam I am is?  Next year when Sam chooses his own costume, I hope it's something super obvious. 

Sam and Dave could have been spongebob characters (pineapple under the sea?) and that would have been kinda fun. Maybe next year? Oh, Dave's costume was a cardboard circle around his neck that said "coconut" and it lasted 5 minutes. ha.

On Halloween we had dinner with some downtown friends and tagged along for their trick-or-treating. We wouldn't have taken Sam by ourselves, but it was fun to hang out. However, it turns out Sam really couldn't handle the complex emotions of trick-or-treating. He wanted to eat everything that instant, and just didn't get the "put it in the bucket and save it for later" thing. Furthermore, he usually was more interested in the jack-o-lanterns and was mad he couldn't touch the flames. And the saddest part was as the smallest kid, he'd get pushed out of the way even when it was his turn. You can't blame the 3-8 year olds, but he'd start hitting himself on the face. (yes, that is his new thing when he's mad/bored/feels threatened. yeah.)

He ended up just riding on Dave's shoulders and we skipped the houses for the rest of the night. I'm sure he'll be a pro next year. He did enjoy the candy. So did we.

bucket at the ready.


Stephanie said...

I love Sam's costume. I tried to talk my girls in to a Seuss theme, no luck.

Kristen said...

Cute costumes!