new and old places

On Saturday during our trip, I took a standardized career test (I'm not sure what else to call it--more on that later) at the U of U campus. My parents took Sam to the zoo, and after I checked out city creek. Then we met up for lunch down emigration canyon and decided to check out the "this is the place" park, which, sadly, we had never been to!

It had an amazing view of the Salt Lake Valley (well, if some of the smog was removed it would be even better) and the beautiful fall in the canyon. The colors and weather was just perfect. We walked around for a bit and made plans to go back again to see the rest of it. And the monuments to the pioneers, settlers, soldiers, explorers, etc., were lovely and touching.

The day we left, we headed to BYU to get Sam a cougar shirt. I loved being back on campus and seeing some of the new things that have shown up since we left. It feels like yesterday and a hundred years ago that we lived in Provo and basically lived on campus . I miss those days, but I do love life now too.

Dave thought I was crazy for missing being in school, but I think I mostly missed being a part of campus and all that. I loved going to BYU and I do miss parts of that life. I felt so old being back, and I'm not even that old! But according to this, I'm older than the average senior by 2 years and the average student by almost 4 years.

So I walked around half feeling like I totally blended in (I don't know, how old do I look?) and half feeling like I so obviously didn't go there any more. And then I thought even more, and realized I graduated college almost 4 years ago. I wonder when you make the transition from being a recent grad/expert-on-the-campus-and-how-things-work to a plain old alumnus-and-who-cares-stop-pretending.

Maybe because as the years go I on I'm sure kids in the classes I took are learning some new things and the things I think I know aren't the most recent. And that doesn't invalidate what I learned (or maybe it does), but it's just harder to keep up on things when you're not learning constantly or have to for your job. And I still want to feel like my degree means something and that I actually knew quite a bit of things when I left. And I like to think I still know most of them, but that is probably not true.

But anyway, I loved the experience and I loved being back there and remembering fondly the years there. Skipping over the hard tests and late nights and busy work and cold, cold walks in the winter. Ok, yeah, maybe it was better left in the past, as we usually find, right?


K Puls said...

Love this. I definitely miss being an undergrad, and it still feels like that was last week, rather than almost 4 years. CRAZY.

Megan Hutchings said...

I so have some of these exact same thoughts about BYU! I miss campus life a lot. I think it's so sentimental for me because Alex and I met working in the HFAC, and our life together began at BYU. Go Cougars!