pumpkin patch

The week before Halloween we went with some friends to a pumpkin patch. It was so muddy, but we had a lot of fun. Well, we think Sam did for at least a few minutes. He enjoyed the tractor ride and squishing in the mud for a while before he wanted us to carry him. We kept taking off his boots to save us from getting all muddy but after a while it was futile. I almost lost my boots a time or two, it was just so muddy. I mean, it is the PNW, so I shouldn't have been so surprised. We met up for some burgers and shakes after, and the guys thought we had been painting (with mud-colored paint, I guess) since we were so dirty. But it wasn't a fancy place, so we didn't feel too bad about looking a little less than presentable.


Kristin DiCristofano said...

All that mud looks like little boy heaven! I've always wanted to visit Oregon. Have you had the opportunity to do much exploring? Where would you recommend visiting?

amanda said...

We love Oregon! We haven't explored too much out of Portland but there are lots of things to do here. They have some great museums (like the Children's museum) and mult. falls, lots of upick farms in the summer, the promenade along the river...lots of hiking and adventures.