I feel a little like I'm failing at the whole modern parenting thing: it's been like...weeks since I've taken a cute picture of Sam! I mean, he's always cute and I do have some pictures of him, but they are mostly ones where he isn't interested in my obsession with making sure I get a picture/video of every cute thing he does before he stops. Oh, ok, so I'm not actually doing that bad. 

BUT since this zoo day (a few Saturdays ago), I don't have like any good pictures of Sam (although, to be fair, Sam doesn't look like he's really having a good time in these anyway). 

On my photo roll instead? Screenshots of sewing patterns I want to pin or buy, an outfit I must copy, centerpiece ideas for Thanksgiving, projects/project inspiration (aka I could totally paint that, right?), fabric, printers from costco, an advent get the idea. I wonder if screenshots could be like the future in trying to see what people in the past liked. You know? Like my kids can look in my photo archives and since I usually forget to delete a screenshot after its use has passed and I keep it forever, they can know all the tiny details of my life. 

Anyway, zoo. Beautiful fall day--it was the first sunny and warm-ish day for weeks around these parts. October/early November was mean!

 Like, are these two related or what? They could look like they were having more fun. The second is what I got when I asked for him to look more excited. Good thing I don't blog for money, eh?
 These fresh elephant ears were too tempting on a chilly day. So worth it!


kyliebrooke|s said...

yummmmm that thing (elephant ear?) that sam is eating looks like i need one right now.

Suzette Larson said...

I think of the same posterity value possibility of my weird photos and when I jot down my to-do lists in my journal. Someday, my great-great grandchild might care. And he/she will know what I did/liked. Pretty cool. Keep the screen shots :)