merry christmas!

I'm sure most of you have seen this video this season. It's such a sweet reminder of Christmas. I've loved all the great videos this season (or ones I'm just behind on seeing). (like this or this)

I wrote earlier how there were a few songs that I seemed to truly hear this year, though when I was younger I thought they were the more boring of Christmas hymns. One line in particular that I caught this year is, to me, such a testimony of our Savior and what his birth really means for us.

And our eyes at last shall see him,
Through his own redeeming love;
For that child so dear and gentle
Is our Lord in heav'n above,
And he leads his children on
To the place where he is gone.

zoo lights and christmas music

Last week we went to the zoo lights, which was both freezing and awesome. Sam loves looking at Christmas lights and we had a lot of fun.

It was feeling a little less than festive this month; we didn't put up a tree since we were leaving for Utah, and the last week and a half was so busy with work and church and personal things (like my usual sewing before a trip), we didn't seem to be doing much to celebrate. We did hang up our stockings, a floating washi tree (sam was really curious) and an advent calendar (although we did almost nothing on it). We made it to a festival of nativities which was a great event, and sang some Christmas songs at a friend's house with a small group.

I think I was waiting for it to seem like Christmas once we got to Utah, and it does. However, I think the best part of the season so far was I discovered that I am over my meh-ness towards Christmas music! I think thanks goes to the movie Elf, which we watched at least 8 times this month, the "indie" Christmas station on Pandora and the singing of Christmas hymns, some of which I used to not like very much, but discovered this year they have very sweet lyrics and I guess I just had to be older to appreciate them.

Anyway, my parents have plenty of Christmas trees and we've got lots of fun things planned for this week. It's Christmas! 

flashback friday

My dad took these pictures during our quick trip to Utah in October (which I swear was last week but whatever). I love them! Sam's cool hair-do didn't make it past that weekend, ha. Sam is the sweetest though, right?

the rural juror

Or the city juror, whatever. (I can't embed, but you should watch)

I am sure you're all dying to know how jury duty was, right? It was short and sweet; I wasn't selected from the pool as one of the 30 needed jurors. End scene, take the MAX home. Which I had to do, because we found that morning that someone had bashed in our back and front passenger window. But luckily my MIL saved the day (and the whole week). We got the windows fixed, found most of our stolen stuff up the street and now have a much emptier (and bonus: cleaner) car.


We had a great Thanksgiving here in Portland with Dave's parents, brother, sister-in-law and cousin saucy (haha). We kept the meal simple and fairly non-traditional, but it turned out yummy and everyone left full, I think. I made this turkey, which turned out really well (considering I didn't even think I would still need any roasting materials until the day of, but a roasting pan worked great), along with this chocolate pie and this vanilla pie (like creme brulee pie, yum). Karren made a delicious pumpkin pie (smitten kitchen as well, I believe). Our place cards are from here. Napkins are a super easy pinterest find!

And then on Friday I did soooo much online shopping it was sad awesome (but I mean, most stuff was for Christmas presents, out of need, or things I was going to buy anyway so we might as well get a good deal, right?). It has made for the best mail week of my life, though.

liz lemon on jury duty.

I really do want to participate in jury duty, but just in case, I'll keep this in mind. Although...I wonder if it would work in Portland. ha!