zoo lights and christmas music

Last week we went to the zoo lights, which was both freezing and awesome. Sam loves looking at Christmas lights and we had a lot of fun.

It was feeling a little less than festive this month; we didn't put up a tree since we were leaving for Utah, and the last week and a half was so busy with work and church and personal things (like my usual sewing before a trip), we didn't seem to be doing much to celebrate. We did hang up our stockings, a floating washi tree (sam was really curious) and an advent calendar (although we did almost nothing on it). We made it to a festival of nativities which was a great event, and sang some Christmas songs at a friend's house with a small group.

I think I was waiting for it to seem like Christmas once we got to Utah, and it does. However, I think the best part of the season so far was I discovered that I am over my meh-ness towards Christmas music! I think thanks goes to the movie Elf, which we watched at least 8 times this month, the "indie" Christmas station on Pandora and the singing of Christmas hymns, some of which I used to not like very much, but discovered this year they have very sweet lyrics and I guess I just had to be older to appreciate them.

Anyway, my parents have plenty of Christmas trees and we've got lots of fun things planned for this week. It's Christmas! 

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