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We were able to see a lot of friends/family while we were in town. It's never enough to see everyone, but I'm so grateful the stars lined up and Katie and I were in town at the same time (you think it wouldn't be so hard since our houses are 2 miles away from each other, but it's been 3 years!). We also got to see friends at a fun birthday party and attend a sweet baby blessing. It's nice having so many friends that either live in or visit the place where you're from!
And aunt/roommate/friend kellie! We swapped states with her but I'm glad we saw her before she left. 
 We really nailed the matching jammies. But it was fun: we sent a pair to my sister who is on her mission in West Virginia. Plus, target. 
Sam never wanted to smile for pictures, but when the flash was on he thought it was hiliarious. So we have a million pictures of him laughing with his eyes closed. 
 Grandma and grandpa took the cousins on a secret adventure to Build-a-Bear. The big machine scared Sam, but he does love that monkey. 
 Cute cousins! And when Sam actually smiles for pictures, he looks like he's aged 3 years. ha. 
 Sam and daddy built a lego tower to the ceiling. Dave called everyone in to show us and sam karate chopped it right in the middle. It was hilarious. 
 My dad dressed like Santa at our Christmas eve family party and it was so funny. I'd never have expected it, but my sister got him to do it somehow; all for the grandkids, I guess. I mean Sam loved it, as you can tell. 
 Remember the story of the shepard who took baby Jesus for a walk? 
 Utah got a lot of snow! Grandpa took Sam out to play in it. Thrilled, as this kid is with snow. 

Whew, I think that's all the pictures I wanted to share from our trip. Sorry for the huge variance in photo quality but, oh well. But we had a lot of fun and, as always, can't wait to go back!

*Not pictured is when we attempted to get Sam's hair cut. He got his hair cut in October and cried the whole time, scared to death. This time, he took one look at Karin and started bawling. So, no hair cut for now. hah!

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K Puls said...

It was so good to see you!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed it's not another three years until that happens again. Love the matching pajamas! So great.