how to save a cake

1. Pick out a cake based on your toddler's interests. I landed on a monkey because it didn't need any special fondant sculpting, etc. Just a cute little monkey cake. 

2. Bake a favorite chocolate cake and prep favorite frosting (night before).

3. Day of, when your toddler is napping, realize you have one stick left of butter (when you need 3 (yikes, that sounds terrible)), so you make a third of the frosting and try making chocolate whipped cream for the rest. 

4. Cream fails to whip, other frosting tastes weird.

5. Pause, realize that this just isn't happening. So cut of the sides of the round cake, going for a Lego look now. 

6. Wonder why you didn't do that in the first place, since your child loves legos to death.

7. White frosting does not make a cake look like a lego. Taste the cake scraps and realize that it, too, tastes weird. You can't figure out how everything ended up tasting so weird. 

8. Pause, perhaps crying a tiny bit out of frustration, and realize you're the only grownup at the party (of three adults) that likes cake. Call Blue Star donuts and order a dozen donuts. 

9. When said toddler wakes up, pick up donuts. Use toddler to accidentally charm them into throwing in an extra donut and giving you the deal of a lifetime on donuts. Seriously, I love that place. 

10. Assemble donuts into a cake. Win-win, really, because 1. everyone loves donuts 2. you just made a totally trendy cake without even trying that hard. 


11. Find a whole package of butter in the back of the fridge a week later. Honestly, my catch-phrase should be "I looked, but not that hard."

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