most of christmas break in reverse

 Lots of squishing and kissing my nephew dez. He is so cute, quite somber and very chill. Also, #jesusphotobomb

 We spent lots of time squished in my parent's car. Not a bad view of the cute cousins. Very bad for my knees ;) 
 We went sledding one morning and Dave and I had a blast. Sam, on the otherhand, did not. I mean, his face in all three pictures is like cry-smiling emoji, amirght? He just had to ride down the hill with us and I think he had a medium amount of fun once or twice. 
 Just being dragged to his doom....
 A super blurry and crappy picture of the intense minute-to-win-it games we played.  
Lots of "wee-gos" and "pieces" at great-grandpa/grandma's house. Such great childhood memories there!
He played that book for 20 minutes straight Christmas morning, and spend the rest of the time fighting Dez for his new toys. 6 month toys FTW. 
 Christmas morning. We had the kitchen set up first, but I love the trail of stocking toys to it. 
 We had a delicious Christmas Eve appetizer and pie spread. This lovely pie from, you guessed it, here.
 I worked on some peg doll nativities and then found these cute unpainted peg ornaments and ordered a set. (just sharing the credit; not making $$ ;))

Do they look like us?? It's pretty fun and they turned out fairly well for my first time...and now I want to make ALL the peg dolls! Animals! Superheros! Families! 
My Ron Swanson Christmas house is the bomb, and you know it. 
Snoozing on the flight to Utah. 

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Emily said...

Love the reverse, and those peg dolls, too. And I agree, Sam and Walt would be non snow loving bffs.