two years of sam!

I can't believe this little guy is two. I'm not sure what I can say about him that I haven't already said--he's so sweet and cute and funny and spunky and stubborn and smart and goofy and happy and chill....and oh we love him.
It's been such a fun two years. Sam's been my sidekick almost every day for the last two years, and I've [mostly] loved it. The times I haven't, well, it's my fault for taking a 1.5 old to target at 4 pm, right? There are definitely days that I'm so ready to be done for the day, but his kisses and hugs and laughing fits somehow make up for it all. Sometimes he puts his hands on his knees and just laughs; it seems so old for him, but I love it.

He's talking a lot these days, and it's so fun to hear him say new things every day. Here are some of our favorite words:

suck it (sucker)
saddy (salad)
keena (quinoa)
weego or pieces (legos)
fosser (floss)
pista (pizza)
pino (piano)
stawbee (strawberry)
see-al (cereal)
tee-bee (tv)
me-ohs (tomatos)
orng (orange)
ohgut (yogurt)
choo (train)

He loves playing with legos, cars (he calls them people now, I think because people sit inside cars?), trains and blocks, eating cereal with milk like daddy, watching the lego movie, and taking baths. He also really loves playing with dice. He will repeat little prayers with us, and after we say "for", like "we're thankful for" he says "five". He knows how to start prayers (hemmy fader) and end (chiiist amen). He loves to push the elevator buttons, jump in puddles and does not like getting his diaper changed (no bum! no bum!).

He's pretty good at self-directed play but has more and more started directing what he would like us to be doing when he is doing something.

These pictures are from his first birthday--I don't think I ever got around to sharing them. He's so much the same, but so much older!
And here are some of my favorites of baby sam! I just had to stop after the last one or this would be a very long post of pictures through the years. You might as well just look at instagram for that :) 
Happy birthday sweet Sammy! We love you! 


kyliebrooke|s said...

so sweet! happy happy birthday to sam!!

lindsay said...

your blog is so fun to read :) i love reading updates about sam, he is such a cute kid!! it's also fun to see the different things kids say. like, the only word mason says on your list of fav sam words is "choo choo"... anyway, he's adorable!

Kristen said...

Happy Birthday Sam! What a cutie little man!