We got back last week from a week-long trip to the East coast! It was so fun. We split our time between family in CT and friends in NYC and Philly. We flew in and out of Philly, but our first big chunk of time was spent in CT (yes, even the same city of events like this). I swore I'd never go back (more like never thought we would need to)...but Shanna and Evan live there now, so we took a drive down a memory lane or two and it mostly looks just like I remember. They lived on the other side of town from where we did, so luckily that part of town can just remain in my memory. 

ANYWAY. We walked down to a little farm to look at animals, played with lots of toys and legos, visited the Pez factory, had lunch at a famous diner (of the diners, drive-ins and dives variety) and had a lot fun visiting. It felt almost like the good old days when we lived at Wymount together all those [three] years ago. We are definitely hoping they make their way back to the West sometime soon. 

Thanks for having us!

(giant pez man)
(oh  my gosh, sam)
(watching a video)

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K Puls said...

The pez factory looks so cool! Also, what are those pictures on the wall behind the kids (who are adorable) in the last two pictures? What I can see, I really like!