sometimes you go on vacation and have a baby.

Oh, hi. I don't know what happened in May when I blogged about time in Philly and then took a 5 month hiatus from blogging. I think I became a little disenchanted with blogging (too many articles about creepy people) and, well, I meant to tell you about 5 months ago, but I was pregnant back then. So between that and the hottest summer of my life and a toddler (who was potty training at the time), I had little desire to blog. I don't know. But it's been in the back of my mind for a while, and while I don't know who's even reading...we can play a little catch up. 

May seems like another lifetime ago. How could it be 5 whole months ago and yet only 5 tiny months? Since August, each week seems like a month, I think. 

My family came to visit at the end of June, and Dave's brother and family visited at the beginning of July. At the end of July, we went to Utah to visit family. We didn't come back until Labor day because surprise! Baby Reid was born on August 6th, half an hour after our flight back to Portland left. 

That afternoon things felt a little weird (but totally not like labor) and so after checking in with my doctor's office, we decided to pop into (hahahaha) American Fork hospital around 3:00. Here's how that went: 

me: hi, we have a plane to catch in 3 hours so can you just check to make sure I'm not in labor, kthanks. 

Long story short, Reid was born at 8:35 at just over 5 pounds, 7 weeks early. Later that night he was taken up to Murray to a NICU with the level that he needed. He stayed there for one day shy of a month and was released on oxygen, which he was on until mid September.  

Sometimes I can't believe he was only in there for a month. We were told he would probably be in there for 6-7 weeks and we mentally prepared for such. Still, there was really no preparing. It was definitely the hardest thing we've done and full of so many emotions and quite a bit of stress. We were all able to stay in Utah until we were all able to go home. Dave worked part time for almost the entire time, and we spent a month juggling work, commuting, recovering from having a baby, trying to keep Sam's life as normal as possible, sleep, eating, normal things in was a mess, but it did get a bit better as time went on. There was also mourning for what we wanted and thought would happen. No matter what we did, we were leaving a kid behind, and we just felt so exhausted 

And the entire month of August went so slowly, but somehow the days marched on. The days always do, right? Each week seemed like a month, it really did. I knew at the time that in just a few months we'd be home and things would be normal and we'd look back on all of this as...I don't interesting adventure?

The whole thing is just unbelievable. A baby in the NICU is one thing, a baby in the NICU in a different state is another! It was really hard to not be home! (and yes, we've heard the stories of people who had much crazier things happen). We owe so much to family and friends who went above and beyond to help with Sam and to help us...the support we had was incredible! 

Reid will be 3 months this week. It's very weird to think we've been home for two whole months, and yet again, that it's only been two months. So yes, here we are, looking back on August as a difficult adventure but one we have safely arrived home from. 

Reid's a sweet baby and we love having him here. Life is almost at a new normal (we still have to avoid certain things until the end of the month), and overall we've adjusted well. Hopefully we will recover soon from all the stress of the past few months. 

Since May, and really even in the time we were in Utah, Sam has grown up by a hundred years and amazes me with his conversations and imagination. He's done so well with all the changes and he enjoys seeing "bayreid" sometimes, and then mostly leaves him alone (in a good way).  

Whew. I may be a little rusty (I tried to make sure it wasn't just a rambling stream of thoughts), but thanks for reading. Here's to a very quiet fall and winter!